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Access Control, Cameras, Intrusion Detection &
Mass Notification

a person outside trying to get inside using access card

NCI has a long history of securing buildings and making safe environments for your most valuable resource, your people. Innovation in the security industry has been exponential recently. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, the possibilities have changed radically. Let the machine do the boring monotonous tasks and present you with the events that need a human decision.

a person outside trying to get inside using access card

access control

Most of the projects we work on have an Access Control System. This critical system is what actually prevents bad things from happening, because you have control and visibility into who can have access to your space and when. Our systems can provide granular control down to the individual person and door. Through easy to use software, get all of the reports you want or even the ones that are required like HIPAA, ISO, SOC2, etc. 

Weather you need classic card readers or want to unlock the door with your phone, fingerprints, or eyes, we can get your site secured. We can offer systems that run on local hardware, on a virtual machine or in the cloud. We also offer integrated systems that work in conjunction with a security camera system for better overall awareness and documentation.

Security Cameras (CCTV)

Cameras have moved from analog to digital IP based devices and now have an ever-growing list of capabilities. Because of this, cameras are also on your network or a separate network that we can also help you create. Cameras traditionally let you see what is happening, or what happened, but now the system can watch the video for you and let you know when something is wrong and needs your attention. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have made it possible for the system to alert you, in real time, to unusual activity, objects left behind or even a person from a picture you download to the system.

Best of all you do not have be in front of the screen to get the alert. It can be sent by text, email or even on a two-way radio. Seeing is believing and we would be happy to show you a demonstration either on-line or in person.

Intrusion detection

Access control can lock a door and a camera can let you see what is going on, but Intrusion detection will send you and others an alert of an active break in. This gives you the best chance of the criminal being caught and held accountable. Through a number of different detectors (glass break, motion, presents, door contacts, etc.) the system will be able to call out or text to you and a monitoring service, either of which could engage the local authorities to respond.

Mass Notification and emergency call stations

Mass notification facilitates getting messages out quickly to large facilities or campuses about routine and emergency communications. These systems can have pre-recorded messages that either go out on a schedule or as needed.  The system can also monitor weather alerts and push out appropriate messages based on the alerts.  The messaging can be both audio and / or visual depending on the environment and needs.  The other system that is used in large spaces and parking decks are emergency call stations that allow communication to a predetermined contact like a security office. 

Two-way radio

NCI is a Motorola distributor and can supply a full line of radios as well as set up and programming of base stations, incident management systems, and integration with the Avigilon camera system. Also a part of the Motorola line up is Public Safety LTE and managed services.