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NCI Events & Project History

March 2017 – NCI is awarded a 7-floor podium with 20-floor and 14-floor towers building project (41 total floors) for the HQ of a national payment processing company. Installed CAT 6 & CAT 6A network infrastructure for IT and security systems as well as a self-balancing CATV distribution system. Also, installed wireless access points, redundant and divergent optical fiber back bone and buildout of multiple closets and server rooms with racks, cabinets, ladder racking, wire management, patching and grounding.

August 2018 – after project completion we have started also delivering AV services in place of the original construction AV contractor.

April 2018 – NCI is awarded a fiber ring for a large university campus in Georgia.  Directional drilled strategic pathways and added new vaults to create a viable route to install the new 1728 Ribbon Fiber utilizing new and existing pathways. 2-Hub 1728 Ribbon Fiber ring around main campus with a 144 Ribbon Fiber ring around the athletics complex. 61 buildings received (2) 24 Ribbon Fibers from the ring creating redundancy throughout the entire network. Installed (6) 288 Fiber panels in each of the two hubs.  Complete demo of all abandoned existing fiber. Several awards from various agencies and organizations were given to the construction team for the success of this project.

November 2018 – NCI is awarded 10 floors for a new HQ for a fast food company in, Sandy Springs, GA.  Provided and installed Communications cabling for network and the security system.  Project was broken up into three phases that where all awarded separately, and all completed by NCI.

December 2018 – NCI is awarded a new office and surgery center providing the access control, security cameras, digital signage, and network cabling for a national surgery center organization. 

December 2018 – NCI awarded Communications cabling, Audio-Visual systems, and Security Systems for a 47 multi-floor building, Multi-dwelling unit campus, for a large entertainment company in Orlando Fl. This was the largest project to date for NCI coming in at well over $7 million.  Projected end date of this project is January 2022.

January 2019 – NCI is awarded a downtown full floor for a private investment management services firm; providing video conferencing, video distribution, projection display, room scheduling, sound masking, automated motorized shades, lighting control, security cameras, access control and communications cabling infrastructure. NCI is still engaged with an ongoing maintenance agreement to keep all these systems working at peak performance.

February 2019– NCI is awarded a 4-story classroom building for a technical college in downtown Atlanta, providing Communications Cabling, Audio-Visual Systems and Security Systems.

November 2019 – NCI is awarded for a downtown full floor for an operations software company to provide CAT 6 & CAT 6A communications cabling infrastructure (1000+ cables), security cameras, access control, 25 rooms of display and video conferencing for interview, small conference, medium conference, large conference, training, all hands and lounge rooms.

March 2020 – NCI is awarded City of Johns Creek City Hall & Police Substation projects providing Security Cameras, Access Control, Intrusion detection and Communications infrastructure. 

2019 – 2020 NCI is awarded three phases of a 1 million sq. ft. HQ high rise building and off-site data center for a national transportation company.

Shell High Rise – February 2019 NCI awarded the copper and fiber communications cabling for the shell building (11 parking deck and 17 floor levels) for risers and common areas.

Data Center – April 2020 NCI awarded the Communications cabling $2.2 million worth of pre-terminated fiber connections and cabinet buildout for the off-site data center.

Interior High Rise – August 2020 NCI awarded 17 floors of interior build out of communications cabling (10,363 CAT 6 & 576 CAT 6A cables), closet build-out and wireless access point installation.

About NCI

A proven industry leader, NCI provides complete network cabling solutions to customers throughout the United States. From data center services to wireless infrastructure and more, our clients include major corporations, international airports, worldwide financial companies and state and county governments. Whatever your needs, we have the skills, experience and desire to help you build a superior communications infrastructure for your network.

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